Who We Are

Energogroup is a private company operating in the field of designing, engineering and construction on the “turn-key” base. As the General Contractor, Energogroup is responsible for the management of the involved parties in the projects and oversight of the construction site. Either we build business or shopping centers or service and residential buildings our ‘turn-key’ based approach to designing and construction enables us to take participation in the project’s whole life cycle.

Energogroup is committed to doing business according to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. It has implemented the integrated management system as a tool to control processes, monitor and review performaces and strive to continual improvement. The cycle ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ is the center of interest for the staff when applying the standards. All processes and procedures have developed in that way to prevent the occurrence of defects, adverse environmental impacts and ill health and injuries.

What Makes us Different

Energogroup remains in the leading position in the market and it manages to develop the company and its inner strength through its:

Awareness – we invest in our human power so that we are always up to date with new trends, practices and development techniques. We are aware that designing buildings that use less energy can reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions while lowering operating costs. We always emphasize environmental , economic and social benefits to every single project that we take part in.

Dedication – full understanding of the clients’ business goals and expectations of our clients, macro-economic environment in which we operate, the advances and risks in the civil construction.

Experience – each new project is a new challenge and precious experience that facilitate realization of new ideas and future projects acceptance.

Sustainability – we develop our projects in such way that we design, build and manage them to minimize their impact on the environment, and maximize their social and economic benefits.

Holistic approach – with our architect, civil, mechanical electro engineer teams, as well with experts in field of finance, law and marketing we have capacity to consider each project from many aspects.

Partnership – choosing the best partners in certain fields results in excellent efficiency, supreme quality and great speed in project realization.

Improvement – operational process optimization, personnel trainings and continuous implementation of new technologies enables us to complete a world-class quality project with local resources.

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