What we do


General Contractor

As General Contractor Energogroup designs and constructs business buildings, shopping centers, manufacturing and service facilities, residential buildings, recreation centers and hotels on the “turn-key” base. This means that, from the moment of contract signing, Energogroup assumes all liabilities for the project success, starting from the idea development, through preliminary constructions, technical documentation, legal permissions, construction, up to the moment the building has been taken over by a client.

The main goal of our team, consisting of outstanding architect, civil construction, mechanical and electro engineers, is to turn our clients’ ideas into reality, either we design business or shopping center or service and residential building or various facilities. Our holistic approach to projects enables us to take participation in the project’s whole life cycle – from idea, detailed analysis of the clients’ expectations and goals, specific requirements, through plans and drawings, realization process risk assessment, full project documentation preparation up to the civil and building works, and support during the construction. In other words, our clients recognize this as a “turn-key” based approach.

Urban planning & Designing

Our goal is to understand our clients and the activities they perform in the space we have designed and built for them, a space of superior quality, modern architecture, made of energy efficient materials in accordance to the professional standards. Through cooperation with us, our clients recognize values we are dedicated to: quality, reliability, accuracy, creativity, rapidity and persistence.

Energogroup’s team of engineers performs urban planning and designing process starting from requirement analysis up to the full project documentation delivery upon which the construction is realized. In this process we use visualization techniques where we use 2D and 3D presentation as to provide project participants with clear image of the future project. In this way, we do not only confirm our understanding of the building purpose and good direction to fulfill clients’ expectation, but we also test possible situations during the project realization. The latest software tools for modeling and analysis we apply significantly assists us.

Our team strives to turn clients’ ideas into reality by inviting client to take participation in the project’s life cycle – from an idea, through preliminary drawings and plans, up to the final project documentation and support during the construction.

Permits Support

Energogroup provides not only designing, engineering, and construction services but also legal matters services. Our clients are provided with full legal documentation necessary for a project, which includes construction permits, built design approval, use permits, and other works in compliance with the legal regulations.

According to clients’ requirements and in cooperation with the partners, Energogroup’s administrative-legal sector conducts the process of permits support and takes the responsibility for possible liabilities and risks within this process. No matter how complex the project or challenge is, our legal team is ready to find optimal solution both fulfilling client expectations and complying with the law.

Long-year partnership with confirmed attorney offices enables Energogroup to provide assurance that complex requirements related to the legal regulations and provisions will be done effectively and effortless. In this way, Energogroup offers integral permits support from one place.

Project Management

In each project we apply holistic approach to coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project, from an idea to the realization. The management of construction projects requires an understanding of the design and construction process as well as knowledge of management. Energogroup’s project team consisting of architects, construction, mechanical and electrical engineers, managers and consultants have gained skills and experience to achieve objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and client satisfaction by using modern management techniques. Our project team is skilled to reach the most efficient solution, including to:

– Save time and money
– Apply international standards and best practice
– Avoid or reduce risk
– Increase efficiency in projecting or construction
– Increase clients’ satisfaction

Energogroup has good inner organization as we want to be a reliable partner to our clients and successfully carry out each project. A project manager is assigned to each project, and he/she is liable for the project success from an idea to complete construction. Pursuant to the project requirements we engage partner companies relevant in certain operational fields other than construction field. Beside that, as we make efforts to fulfill our clients’ expectations, we always consider possible risks in each project and assume all liability as we successfully execute such project.

Development and Investments

Project development, from investment up to the sale including complete financial – legal support, is also one of our services that includes project value assessment and analysis of possible strategic-financial risks in relation to current market condition, examination of financial indexes, negotiations with banks and harmonization of the contracts among participants.

Development starts with an idea through project proposal, drawings and technical documentation to the construction site and building works. Our project team shall, together with our clients, and in coordination with legal services, banks, investors and constructors prepare investment plan for your idea development and bring it to the realization.

Only investments with safe capital and rational investing may lead to the creation of significant projects that will justify their existence in future.