Latest development just started with constuction

In the aim to follow main worldwide trends in the residential and commercial real estate business Energogroup is launching its newest investment of 20.000.000€. This project will be located in the New Belgrade’s Blok 63 and it will include 190 residential apartments and more than 2.500 square meters of commercial area. The idea and one of the main goals of this project are to elevate the standards of social living in the domestic market by adding the extra value with the accompanying content.

Project Name: Belgrade Block 63
Industry type: Real estate development
Investment: 22.000.000 eur
Project location: Belgrade, Jurija Gagarina/Gandijeva street
Development structure: Residential
Plot area: 5,788 m2
Building height: 2UG + GF +6 + SBF (setback floor)
Total GBA: 33,015.95 m2
Total NBA: 28,179.77 m2
Space structure: 194 apartments, 5 retail units, 351 garages
Construction period: 18 months