Energogroup begins construction of new MPC facility

Energogroup Ltd., as the general contractor, launches works on the new project in Blok 43, New Belgrade. The new MPC facility will be located in Milutina Milankovića Street in the middle part of Blok 43 – nearby new clinic and close to the “New Belgrade” railway station. The project is based on modern, class A commercial space with 19,438 square meters of gross space, including an underground garage. Investor is Balkans Real Estate (MPC) and the value of the investment is estimated at about 20 million euros.

According to the preliminary design this free-standing building will have nine above ground and one underground floor (UG + GF+ 8), and will have an atrium with a central pedestrian corridor that enables residents to pass through the inner courtyard. The width of the pedestrian corridor is 12 meters, and the ground floor is divided into two visually separate and functional wings with commercial areas. Two vertical communication cores are positioned on both sides of the pedestrian corridor functioning as a connection between above ground floors and the underground garage.

The ground floor and first floor will feature a functional restaurant/cantina with the surface of 500m2, that can seat 150 persons, and can be accessed via the Milutina Milankovica Street or via the building itself. Other commercial contents entail children’s day care, with the surface of 500m2, as well as two separate commercial areas accessed via the Milutina Milankovica Street, showcase area of 100 square meters and business area of 340m2. Upper floors will feature office spaces, and the building will also have one underground garage with 3785 square meters. In total, the building will feature 197 parking spaces, including parking spaces out in the open.